Fintechs Fight For The Unbanked: How The Future of Banking Won’t be With Banks

Big banks and big credit cards are FUCKED if they aren't careful. Because these Fintech companies are coming for them...

Malls and Libraries in The Future Will Merge

Both malls and libraries are two dying industries...unless they merge. Libraries have to re-invent themselves as the hub for all things modern, entrepreneurial, and tech related. Modern libraries have created green rooms, podcast rooms, music editing rooms, and rent our video recording, podcast recording, music recording, DJ music making, equipment to creators. Malls are dying. … Continue reading Malls and Libraries in The Future Will Merge

Privacy Policy

Here are the privacy policies from Automattic, the company that hosts this WordPress blog. Automattic's privacy notice Automattic's cookie policy I've also copied and pasted their privacy notice and cookie policy below: Privacy Notice for Visitors to Our Users’ Sites Sections Who’s Who and What This Privacy Notice CoversInformation We Collect About Visitors to Our Users’ … Continue reading Privacy Policy