How Solar Panels Can Help Prevent Wildfires In California

A recent study by the SJSU fire weather lab in California stated that when the field-moisture content (FMC) of the forests and woods is low, wildfires are more likely.

California is facing some of its lowest FMC, read: dryest seasons, in history.

One solution we can do is to put up more solar panels.

Here’s the reason why.

A study of solar panels in the Sahara desert showed that if 20% of the Sahara were to be covered in solar panels, it would trigger a feedback loop where the heat released by the solar panels would create a pressure difference that caused humid air from the ocean to rise and thus become rain droplets and turn the area into lush vegetation.

How can we utilize this same concept to fight California wildfires?

If Californian legislature incentivize more solar panels to be put up on more homes, particularly around the coast and around areas that are prone to wildfires, there could be the potential that it starts to cause a humid rainfall affect much like the one described in the Sahara desert solar panel study.

Some proposals for California:

  • Vacant lots throughout California be turned into solar farms
  • Big buildings with flat roofs be mandated to be covered in solar panels
  • All government buildings are to be covered in solar panels
  • The side of highways, as much as possible, be covered with solar panels
  • All natural park buildings located in natural parks be covered in solar panels
  • Lakes and reservoirs are not only to be covered by millions of the black plastic balls that prevent evaporation, but also covered by solar panels high enough above the water, aiding in double prevention of evaporation of necessary water to sustain California

If California and the people of California band together and do this over the next 10 years, we might see a reduction in the amount of wildfires as the FMC of the forests and woods start to accumulate more moisture as the solar panels draw in more rain.

We can work together to end the destruction of homes, lives, and precious wildlife.

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