Imagine If Snapchat Created A “Snapcoin” Cryptocurrency For Its Platform. Here’s How It Could Be Used To Benefit Both The Company And The User

BAT, stands for Basic Attention Token, is part of an ecosystem created by where instead of using Google as a browser, you use acts as a Google chrome replacement and instead of you being inundated by ads from google, you see ads by instead.

In return, Brave pays you in BAT.

Let’s steal this concept and apply it to Snapchat for a hot second.

Imagine if Snapchat created a crypto coin called Snapcoin and a company pays Snapchat, for example, $11 per thousand views of its ads from users on Snapchat’s platform.

Then imagine if Snapchat in turn offers users 1 cent per ad view, if 1000 users view the ad, it could cost Snapchat $10 to pay those viewers.

But Snapchat would net $1 in this transaction.

Plus, Snapchat could guarantee to the paying company that people are actually viewing the ads and not just letting it run in the background by perhaps turning on the front camera face recognition software so it actively scans a person’s face and eyes to make sure they’re watching or looking at the ad in order to earn their Snapcoin.

Ideally the Snapcoin would be convertible to actual USD that the users could use or convert to other crypto that they prefer.

This would incentivize users to watch ads for once (looking at you, Youtube) in order to make some money, the ad company benefits because of potential spillover of would-be purchasers of their product, and Snapchat benefits by making some profit in the spread.

Of course, this idea could be applied to any business that requires peoples’ eyeballs to be glued to a digital platform in order for it to operate.

But ultimately, as a human race we should ask ourselves “is this really necessary?”

My answer is no.

BAT and are already trying, meaning copycats of this business model will most likely proliferate within the next few years with Youtube, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

We should take great care that we aren’t turning the human race into a bunch of mindless zombies endlessly watching ads in a bid to make extra money at the expense of them losing their sense of what it means to be human, to live, to love, to feel great emotions, and to experience life to fullest not glued to their screens.

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