Elon Musk’s Ultimate Plan

After some deep research across all of the internet, here is what I believe to be Elon Musk’s ultimate plan, according to his ikigai from his biography by Ashlee Vance, paraphrased: “To progress the consciousness of humanity.”

At the time of this writing, March 2021, Tesla the company is worth $658 billion USD.

That’s after they had already bought out Solar City and incorporated their solar technology into clear solar shingles for roofs, and into charging Tesla’s power walls, etc.

So follow me here.

We all know Elon Musk’s ultimate life goal is to build a backup of humanity on Mars in case we all kill ourselves and destroy Earth in a nuclear or environmental apocalypse.

Are you aware that his other company, SpaceX, is currently launching tens of mini satellites at a time to encompass the Earth with what he calls the “Starlink”?

So what I assume his vision is for Earth, then the moon, then Mars, is to encompass the Earth with these mini satellites to give Internet access anywhere in the world.

You can google “Starlink” and check out this business now from SpaceX and add yourself to the line for their internet disk that can use the high speed signal anywhere in the world.

From what I understand, they were charging $99 USD a month for the service, available only in the U.S. for now, but will aim to roll out for the whole world little by little.


They aim to have the while thing be payable by Dogecoin.

Which, if you haven’t been paying attention, is all the rage right now as a decentralized cryptocurrency that knows no borders.

Meaning that in the near future, you can pay for Starlink’s wifi service anywhere you are in the world without relying on local services for wifi and internet access and without worrying about currency exchange rates, etc.

Also, because it will be $99 USD to everyone in the world, as long as they pay in Dogecoin, they don’t have to worry about currency fluctuations too and worrying what is their currency’s value to USD, and SpaceX doesn’t have to worry about reporting different currencies in their accounting and just report it all as Dogecoin on the balance sheet and the USD equivalent.


With Starlink surrounding the Earth, Tesla cars’ autopilot feature, of which Tesla is charging a monthly fee for you to be able to access this premium service on their cars, should be even better than them having to rely on third party’s satellites.

Are you following me here?

SpaceX currently makes money per launch of it’s rockets for third parties like NASA, private companies, and other countries.

SpaceX will have a recurring revenue model with Starlink’s global wifi service making money monthly and not having to rely on money per launch from its rockets.

Tesla makes money per sale of its power wall batteries, cars, solar shingles, etc.

Tesla’s recurring revenue will come from its monthly service fee for access to its autopilot feature on its cars.

Next, and here is where we make the huge leap forward:

Once we encase Earth with Starlink wifi, have autonomous self-driving electric cars that can also charge themselves on induction parking lots that collect energy from the sun via Tesla solar panels and store them in Tesla power wall batteries, we will do the same for the moon.

Once we do it on the moon, we will progress to do the same on Mars.

So encase Mars with wifi access anywhere, install solar panels to charge buildings, batteries for nighttime usage, electric vehicles, autopilot capabilities, to create a more sustainable habitation on Mars and fulfill Elon Musk’s goal for Mars.

All the while making money along the way.

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