Tesla Should Buyout Ford Then Shutdown Ford

Ford the car company is worth about $32 Billion right now as of November 2020.

Tesla could do a leveraged buyout of the car company then close it down to get rid of the gas-guzzling-bad-for-the-environment-dinosaur-company.

Or stop selling all the gasoline powered Ford cars and outfit all of them with Tesla’s plaid power train and continue selling them as Fords.

Or convert all Ford plants to produce Teslas and batteries instead.

It would be a big Fuck You to a relic of the automobile industry that’s slow to innovate and change and has been screwing customers over for decades by offering less than stellar products.

“Innovate or die” goes the motto.

Tesla could buyout Ford in an all-stock deal, that way it can preserve its cash on hand and cash flow.

Tesla is currently worth $400 Billion.

Swallowing Ford would take about 10-15% of Tesla’s market cap to do so depending on how the market reacts to such a hostile takeover.

Tesla could also finance the whole deal with borrowed money from some of the world’s biggest companies, like Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, or a combined pool of America’s venture capital firms.

The world would be a better place if Tesla took over Ford and either converted all of its cars to electric using Tesla’s technology, or just shut down Ford all together and convert all of Ford’s factories into car production plants or gigafactories to produce Teslas and batteries.

If you know Elon Musk personally, let him know this idea.

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