The 3 Big Reasons Why Apple is Going to $4 Trillion Market Cap

As of October 2020, Apple is worth around $2 trillion market cap.

Here are the 3 industries it can still enter to disrupt and improve, and make massive money along the way.

Health Care Industry

Steve Jobs’ son, Reed, is very passionate about improving the health care industry.

And with good reason.

He saw first hand his father’s ailing health from cancer.

There are videos of interviews with Reed Jobs on the internet where he’s talking about how if hospital tech were more user-friendly, medical professionals like doctors and nurses would make less mistakes, would do their jobs faster and more efficiently, and the patients would benefit more.

With that said, the health care industry is ready for disruption if people like Reed Jobs can lead the change we need to see in the world.

With that said, Job’s family is one of the largest share holders of Apple stock after he died, so I’m sure they have the ear of Tim Cook or other Apple execs when it comes to some suggestions, etc.

So within the next decade or two, we should see more forays into the health care industry from Apple, whether in the form of hardware or software.

Heck, they’re already doing that now with the Apple Watch series 6 recently released in Fall 2020.

It measures you heart rate, your blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, noise levels, etc.

And I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what it can do in the near future.

I predict that in the near future, the Apple Watch will be so advanced, it can measure a lot more stuff from your health vitals and other health related stuff so when you go the doctor’s office, you just link it to their iPad and up pops all of your stats and vitals and health stuff so doctors can tailor medicines and health advices to you more accurately.

With the global health care industry around $8 trillion right now, you can imagine that if Apple’s tech helps it get even 10% of that income, that’s hundreds of billions of dollars a year, which would increase Apple’s market cap another trillion or more.

screenshot of global health care industry

Car Industry

Tesla is now worth over $400 billion as of October 2020.

Ford and GM combined have a market cap less than $70 billion, even though they’ve been around for almost a hundred years.

Round up, that’s almost $500 billion market cap worth of car companies.

If Apple shows the same level of success as Tesla with its cars, then Apple might get another $500 billion boost to its market cap when the Apple car comes out.

There’s a running joke that those who have Teslas already have iPhones, and the Teslas are just place holder cars until the Apple car comes out, because its the next best car for someone with an iPhone.

Streaming Industry

Netflix streams shows and movies.

Disney+ streams shows, movies, and concerts.

Hulu streams more adult content.

Apple TV kind of has good shows but nothing to the extent of these streaming services.

So what is Apple to do?

It could spend years and billions of dollars creating content that people might want to watch, or it could buy out streaming services that are already succeeding, and wrap them under the Apple umbrella to create a tech+streaming powerhouse.

It would be a supplier of content AND the tech to watch said content.

Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Peacock, HBO don’t supply the tech to watch their shows.

They assume you have the tech, whether iPad, laptop, phone, etc.

But if Apple bought out streaming companies, man, it would create a doozy of a company.

Netflix market cap is $220 billion right now.

So if Apple bought and combined a few of the other streaming platforms, its market cap might go up another $200 billion or $400 billion to account for the synergies across its platforms and tech.

Combine these all together and what do you get?

You get about 1 to 2 trillion dollars worth of synergies and potential growth and disruption.

That’s why Apple can go to $4 trillion in the next couple of years.

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