The 2 Perks Disney+ Should Be Adding to Its App

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get free shipping on just about everything, not matter how small.

An Amazon Prime membership costs more than $100 a year but also comes with other perks like:

  • Getting discounts at Whole Foods (which Amazon bought)
  • Watching free TV shows and movies via Prime Video
  • Listening to free music via Prime music

There are other perks as well, but those are some that come with the annual membership fee.

Meanwhile, when you pay for Disney+ you only get the tv shows and movies.

It would be better is if they add features like:

  • 1. “Show us your Disney+ account QR code when buying tickets to Disney theme parks, buying stuff inside the theme parks, spending time at Disney owned hotels, cruises, etc. and get bonuses, perks, surprises, gifts, points, etc.”
  • 2. And imagine if Disney+ started offering a streaming music service that came with the app, so you can listen to just the music and songs portion from movies and shows without having to watch them.

So you or your kid could just stay inside the Disney+ app without going to YouTube, or Prime music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

The success of a tech platform is based upon the frequency and ease of use of said platform.

Creating an ecosystem where customers can stay inside the platform longer/increase the frequency of use of the platform would generate more money, success, stats, data, etc.

If you know someone in the Disney+ department, give them these suggestions.

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