Malls and Libraries in The Future Will Merge

Both malls and libraries are two dying industries…unless they merge.

Libraries have to re-invent themselves as the hub for all things modern, entrepreneurial, and tech related.

Modern libraries have created green rooms, podcast rooms, music editing rooms, and rent our video recording, podcast recording, music recording, DJ music making, equipment to creators.

Malls are dying.

People can buy almost everything online, so no more need to go to the mall.

There’s a big mall near me that, in order to try and stay alive, started adding kitschy carnival-type rooms where you can shoot a basketball, or sling beads to pop balloons, archery etc. but that won’t be enough.

Especially because there’s a Dave and Busters there already.

It doesn’t keep people coming over again and again.

What most libraries lack is a way for you to stay there all day.

They usually don’t have a cafeteria or dining hall where you can get food if you get hungry while mixing a set, or editing a film, etc.

Malls have food courts.

Another reason why libraries of the future will be inside malls.

And if you own a mall or know someone who does, then tell them this suggestion.

If you are the head of a library, or know someone who is, then tell them this suggestion.

It won’t happen overnight, but in the coming decades, we can save America’s malls and America’s libraries from shutting down by re-doing them in creative, fun, new ways.

Not only will this keep the two industries alive, it will help foster and promote the future of American creators and creatives who will progress humanity forward.

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